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We have spent a lot of time trying to find the best and cheapest practice management system available and getting the most out of it. We know Halaxy is free but realistically PowerDiary is cheaper when you start using it for the most basic of things like sending reminders and reports. We have spent months prototyping and documenting this approach and we are happy to share our approach whether you take on our virtual admin or not. So if you are just starting out then you can get off the ground a little quicker and benefit from our experience to avoid some of the pitfalls these systems can lead you into. If you have been practicing for a while then we can customise our processes and templates to fit your needs instead.

A major part of development for us has been finding the most efficient and effective practice management system available. For those starting out in private practice, we have a range of templates around practice management available for free in our Resources section.

If you believe that you’d be better served having a professional assess and build your processes, we’re adept at that as well. We can help you start your business in the best way possible – ensuring you can effectively manage and navigate any issue or barrier related to private practice.

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