PowerDiary Training

Whether you are using our Virtual Admin or not, one of the things that can make a massive difference is being confident that you know how to drive your PowerDiary instance so that you’re workflow is efficient and your clients are getting the best experience possible.

Access to test environment

We can give you access to our "Simpsons world" copy of PowerDiary that is fully configured with our standard environment so you can learn or try something different without worrying about breaking anything.

Online Learning

We have a significant library of online resources that can walk you through in a video walkthroughs with written notes exactly how you can get your work done for 99% of situations that come up.


We have a range of PowerDiary templates and resources to help you generate imports or you can copy and paste from our prototype templates before we help you get started with customising PowerDiary to fit your specific brand and preferences

Individual training

Once you're across the basics, we will set aside a couple of hours of one on one training at whatever pace you like. We mind that this is normally enough time to help iron out the rough edges of your learning so you feel completely confident being able to bounce around PowerDiary efficiently.

Ongoing Support

As an official PowerDiary partner we have access to a higher level of support if something goes wrong and better vision of upcoming changes. We will test out suggestions and suggest improvements so you stay up to date our best practice implementation for private practice psychologists in Australia

Let’s start a conversation

Either call us on 1300 120 648 or complete the form below so we can call you back to discuss the ways we can help your business and save you precious time (and money).

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