Natasha Davis

Case Study: Natasha Davis of Wise Institute

Wise Institute is a team of over 15 psychologists with more than 130 years of clinical experience serving Sydney’s North Shore community for over 20 years.

The core team at the Clinical Psychology Centre is the same team that have been with Wise for years and Wise continue to engage CPC to manage all reception and client services as well as their business support needs. CPC helps Wise’s in house intake manager by making sure that clients first point of contact is a supportive experience whilst following Wise’s specific risk assessment and triage processes that ensure that the correct history forms are sent in the first interaction. We also follow through after clients have completed their intake and been booked. By the time their clinician meets a new client for the first time CPC helps ensure that they have a detailed history, scored psychometrics and all the consent, permission to consult, referral and Medicare details are in place. We screen clients as they arrive via the intercom, let their clinicians know when they have arrived, answer any questions at reception should the clients need help and then follow through with them over the course of their treatment to make sure that any billing, rebating and scheduling queries are handled professionally.

This level of service is enabled in part as a result of Wise engaging CPC to help setup and maintain their phone, intercom and reception screen technology that operates over VoIP and allows our receptionists to immediately see who has arrived, be it clients or couriers and release the door and manage as needed. On the weekends or at 7:00am when CPC isn’t available, the intercom calls spill through to the consult rooms with a gentle door bell ringtone allowing clinicians to release the door themselves. The reception kiosk screen also allows anyone in reception to ask a question of a receptionist as though there was a receptionist on site. This not only provides a friendly face at reception like clients expect, it also frees up floor space, converting what would otherwise be a cost of business into a revenue earning consulting room.

Finally, Wise have engaged CPC to augment the functionality of their Practice Management System, PowerDiary, to enhance various functionality including consultancy agreement management, generating recipient created tax invoices for their contractors or bonuses for employees, preparing bank deposit reconciliations, super and payroll tax reporting and importing of revenue and expenses into Xero. We help onboard their staff, both in terms of technology setup right through to training on how to navigate PowerDiary and Wise’s other platforms such as the Zoom and SharePoint.

Learn more about Wise Institute on their website:

Wise Institute

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