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Are you like Fran?

Fran has a strong reputation and long waiting lists. She sees a number of tricky clients with BPD, eating disorders and some Family Therapy. She knows that some of her clients either end up in hospital or end up in court, so she needs an assistant who understands how she works – and will reliably follow through with her very particular processes.

When clients call in, she wants reception to know ‘enough’ about what is going on with the trickier clients to be able to avoid triggering them, and also know enough about where they are at in terms of treatment and when to ‘bend the rules’ to make sure they are looked after.

Recently Fran decided to move on from her serviced office and instead leased a small two-room office of her own and has set it up with CPC’s intercom and Virtual Reception Desk screen and a nicely appointed office just for herself while she can rent out the other room or take on a consultant. With CPC she doesn’t have to worry about recruiting and training receptionist, deal with holiday leave or anything else, admin just gets the job done reliably and consistently. But she can also trust them to deal with tricky clients appropriately, and to follow through with the systems she has in place for her practice.

Over the last 20 years we have plenty of understanding of dealing with landlords and fitting out offices. One of the key considerations is looking at the cost per square meter per annum. If it costs you $6000 pa in rent to operate a reception desk then maybe there are better things you could do with that space if you install a virtual reception desk instead. With someone like Fran we would make sure that she could ask us about our experience with soundproofing and layout of psychology practices from things like wall covering to air conditioning and security. We have the skills and experience to install an intercom that integrates with the phone systems, route calls to our virtual reception team who can see who is arriving and screen or set arrival in your practice management system. We can also setup a kiosk type screen so that clients or couriers can walk up and ask reception a question whilst in your waiting room. The moderate setup cost of the technology could easily be worth $30,000 pa for Fran in room rental alone.

The other thing that is particular about Fran is that she needs well trained reception staff that are ready to follow her processes reliably. All CPC reception staff go through around 100 hours of one on one supervised training before flying solo. In addition, CPC staff are held to a 99% accuracy expectation in terms of adherence to procedures and this is regularly audited but more importantly we make sure that we encourage innovation and breaking of the “rules” when appropriate, so long as that break is part of a transparent process aimed at improving either the client or clinician experience we welcome independent thinkers. For Fran in particular, we would encourage her to leave notes against the alert fields for her high needs clients or those that are on therapeutic agreements to minimise therapy interfering behaviours such as avoidance that might manifest in cancelling or rescheduling type behaviour. If Fran finds that one of the CPC standard processes can’t be used for some reason and she needs us to customise how CPC work to be specific to just her practice and that is beyond a simple template rewording or form creation and checklists won’t cut it, then we can do deeper customisation as well. We would just sit down, draft and ratify custom procedures, setup a small custom reception training module and make sure that receptionists that work on her business are trained and supported to implement her particular procedures. It’s not easy but we can do it and when we find that a cluster of customers are looking for similar processes, we will adopt that as a new pattern and make it part of our standard pricing.

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